Thursday, November 24, 2011

10 Months

 Madeleine Marie (otherwise known as Bitty Girl, Bitty Bug, Bitty, and Buggy) is 10 months old!

  • Madeleine Marie is 20 lbs!  She is such a chunk and is no longer the scrawny little thing we were supplementing for so long.  Her thighs are SOLID!  No rolls...just solid chub!
  • Maddie is wearing size 3 diapers and is wearing around 12 months for clothes.  It really just depends on the outfit.
  • She typically sleeps about 10-12 hours at night and is napping more regularly with three naps a day (two lasting about an hour and a third that usually is about 30-40 minutes long).
  • Maddie's favorites things right now are her bunny lovie, kitty cats, grapes, beans, sippy cup, and books.
  • Maddie points and taps with her middle finger on her right hand.  It's especially fun in stores when your baby is pointing at strangers with her middle finger!  
  • She feeds herself with her left hand.
  • Maddie Rie talks non-stop!  She talks herself to sleep and talks as she wakes up and all times in between.
  • She has added eyes, outside, Dad, Kyle, Elijah (her cousin), and Alfie (Uncle Kyle's Cat) to her words she says.
  • Madeleine attempts rooster crowing sounds.
  • Can identify noses on pictures and people.
  • She waves bye-bye a lot!
  • Knows "do you want to read a book?" and FREAKS out if you ask her this question.  You better deliver the goods quickly!
  • Maddie Rie loves to gives kisses (the french variety) to people, stuffed animals, and books with and without prompting.
  • Madeleine loves playing back and forth with you sticking your tongues out at each other. 
  • She waddles like a penguin and does dance moves that are similar to penguin waddles.  She does them when you ask her what a penguin does and when she is particularly happy like when she is eating something she really likes or is unhappy and wants you to think she is cute and pick her up.  It's pretty funny to watch her fuss and cry a little about being stuck on her tummy then break into dance moves and look at you like "didn't that do the trick?"
  • Maddie lifts her belly off the floor when on all fours and does a little rocking but still isn't crawling.  She can roll around and reach to get pretty much where she wants though.
  • She visited her first pumpkin patch with her cousins and Paw Paw and Rie Rie.
  • Maddie helped mommy celebrate her 30th birthday at Churrascos.   And she made quite the mess!!
  • Maddie celebrated her first Halloween and went trick or treating as a Halloween decoration/witch/vamp.  She also jumped with mommy in a bouncy house and LOVED it.  She is such a monkey.
  • Madeleine loves going to the dog park (or zoo as we call it).  She cracks up the whole time we are there and Boudreaux loves it as well.
  • She visited the Houston Quilt show and got lots of attention.
  • She attempts to go "hop hop hop" with her hands like a bunny would.  It looks kinda like a claw bouncing up and down.
  • Maddie Rie eats fish now and is a BIG fan.  She especially likes catfish and salmon.
  • After many many months of supplementation and lots of bottles, now that it is over she has decided that she doesn't want bottles anymore.  I guess we should have made sure she kept taking bottles regularly since she seems to prefer her milk straight from the source.  She will sorta take one in a pinch but it takes a lot of work to make that happen.

With Mommy before our brunch at Churrascos.  Yum!

Spooky pjs!

With her Candy Corn Cousins Mia and Elijah

 With cousin Katy and Noah

 Trick or Treating with Sydney the Princess Witch


 Stuck under the couch!

With some of her favorite guys: Pops, Daddy, Kyle, and Alfie

 Goof ball!

Sweet dog, Boudreaux