Tuesday, September 7, 2010

21 Weeks - Over half way there...I hope!

Well, here is the 21 week belly picture. I figure that since there is something to see now we can do without the skin. I am still wearing most of my regular clothes but now I have seen the greatness of the belly band to hold my regular pants up. I am sure their days are numbered though. I have really started growing...even if it's hard for others to tell I can feel it. When my doctor pulled my shirt up today at my appointment she said "Whoah, you've grown!" So I'll take that. She still isn't measuring my belly yet at appointments but she said not to worry.

On another note, I started feeling the baby kick around week 18 and have been able to see some of her bigger kicks since week 19. Mark has maybe felt a couple but mostly they aren't on the same page. He says that he is just a calming influence in her life. Ha!

This is turning into a very random post, but as many of yall know we officially are naming her Madeleine Marie. In an attempt to make her name uncomplicated and classic we probably have done the opposite. Her first name, Madeleine, is spelled the traditional french way and is pronounced as they do, MadeLYNN. People will probably mess up and read it as MadeLINE but we figure she will have to tell people how to pronounce her last name why not her first as well! I have loved the name Madeleine forever. It also happens to be the name of Mark's great (x10) grandmother. I'm pretty sure my side of the family's genealogy can't go back near that far and if it did we would probably end up with something like Effie Edith. I think Marie is the perfect middle name for any little girl! It works with everything. And Marie happens to be Mark's mom's name as well so we think it's perfect!

Fitting with her sweet girlie name she is slowly accumulating some sweet girlie clothes as well! Here is a little peak at what she will be modeling in a few months (Thanks Aunt Betty for the cuddly leopard onesie! We love it!).


  1. So cute Jenn Jenn.
    Saying your half way really makes it seem near!!
    I'm getting excited along with the rest of the Sugarland support crowd.

  2. Paw Paw wonders why would anyone need to be told how to pronounce her last name. ??? You say it just like it's spelled. Richard ... Reeshard. Nothin' to it.

  3. Jennifer (Skinner) DowningSeptember 10, 2010 at 7:51 AM

    I love the name! She is sure to be a sweet little beauty!