Friday, April 1, 2011

Bryan, Texas

On the plane headed to Texas!

On Saturday, March 5th we escaped the snowy cold of Indiana for some warmer air in Texas.  Madeleine did great on the plane and on the drive from Intercontinental to Bryan.  She was a total trooper.  

While in Bryan she got to meet all four of her cousins, Aunt Becca and Uncle Russ.  We also headed went out to eat a few times (we hadn't done that yet!) and she did great at every restaurant too!  Mark and I were also able to get out just the two of us thanks to two very enthusiastic baby sitters!  But mostly Maddie just spent lots of time cuddling with her Paw Paw and Rie Rie.

Is that a good looking group or what?

Cousin Katie loved Maddie.  Because of her great love for babies her mommy has taught her instead of "over loving" them to wave at babies instead.  It's a hoot!  I wish we had a picture of her walking by Maddie and waving at her.  She is too cute.

Here is Mark rocking Maddie in his grandfather "Coloy's" (I have no idea how this is really spelled!) rocking chair.  This chair has rocked a lot of babies!

All the Richards!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these pictures,she is growing so fast.....I was so touched to see Mark in my Daddy's rocker,that chair is still rocking with a new generation of babies....Wow!!!And to think,Mark was rocked him too, in that same rocker.....Makes me miss Daddy even more....Love yall....