Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sara this one's for you!

My friend Sara has been giving me grief for the nonexistent belly pictures. I have been taking them in the morning, before eating, so that I can tell what is just from Teddy. I've also been flashing her my new super weird maternity pants that she thinks I shouldn't wear yet! So this is for her! My old pants fit but aren't comfortable anymore and the maternity ones are too big but I don't have to remember to button them back up when I see people so that's my pick! I may not have a big belly yet but there is just no where for things to spread out anymore. It all sticks out. By the way, I tried the belly band things and didn't like it. Too tight for me.

So here ya go. Here is an almost 14 week middle of the day photo. My Bou Bear kept pushing the door open since he saw me grab the camera so he got to be in the picture.

Sara, you get to be with me all weekend in a bathing suit! Be ready for more belly flashing!

1 comment:

  1. HA! There you go - always eat before belly photos. Love that Bou is so interested ;-)