Tuesday, November 30, 2010

33 weeks Belly and Ultrasound

Here is the 33 week belly shot. I really feel like I've grown a lot the last few weeks. She now spends quite a bit of time with her feet in my ribs and her hiccups can shake my whole belly now. My belly button is an exact replica of a cabbage patch kid doll's by the way... I also put a tunic on over this outfit. I don't usually dress like a mime.

We had an ultrasound today to check on how big Madeleine is and how the diabetes is affecting her. It all looks great! It looks like she weighs right at 4 lbs and that puts her in the 33rd percentile. The technician said if she gains half a pound a week from here on out she should be about 7 1/2 lbs. That sounds good to us! So it doesn't look like we have a giant gestational diabetes baby or a toddler sized newborn like her father.

During the ultrasound we got to watch her drink her amniotic fluid, do her practice breathing, and try and suck on her fist and her feet. Maddie did everything she was supposed to be doing during the ultrasound and got a perfect report so we are happy about that.

It also looks like she has a lot hair! I'm really excited about that! I think she has her daddy's nose and her feet are really long too. It may sound silly but I can't wait to see whose toes she has. It sorta looked like his toes today more than mine but who knows at this point.

Here are some videos:

Sticking out her tongue

Sucking on her fist (I think it's a fist...could be a foot)

I hope to get Maddie's nursery in semi working order this weekend. We need to put the crib together, move out the last of Mark's office stuff (including the desk), and pretty much do everything except paint. We had a wonderful shower while we were in Texas (pictures are on facebook and I'll post some on here soon) and right now it looks like a bomb went off in there between all her gifts and her father's stuff (and Indy Cat keeps getting into things and making an even bigger mess...she LOVES tissue paper,tiny socks, and any sort of chaos!). After her room is put more together I get to start on Christmas decorations!!! Wooo! I hope I can be as productive as I say I will be this weekend but we'll see. It may be me sitting in a chair and watching Mark do stuff! He is the sweetest!


  1. Hey Jennifer,

    I didn't realize you had been diagnosed with GD. I have too. How is it going for you? Did you end up being able to control it by diet, or are you having to take medicine, or shots?

    I am so far only doing it with diet, but we'll see.

    Good luck, and it looks like you are really enjoying being pregnant. I hope it continues to go well for you and that you breeze right through to the end.


  2. Jana-That's nuts that you tiny thing ended up with GD! I was pretty surprised to get it but I feel better since changing things for it. I only lasted a couple of weeks on diet alone before starting insulin. It's helped so much and has given me more energy (which I desperately needed!). The needles are tiny and actually hurt less than pricking fingers. I still have to exercise after almost every meal to keep my numbers low enough but I'll take it! Overall, I've been a really happy pregnant woman and not too emotional so that makes anything else pretty easy to deal with.

  3. Jennifer,

    I loved seeing the ultrasound of little Madeline and hearing how you're doing! My amaryllis is opening and is just beautiful!

    Praying for you,
    Melanie Watterson