Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 months

Our sweet little girl is 4 months old!  Time really needs to slow down.  She is changing so fast.

Madeleine was very cooperative this month for her pictures and I couldn't narrow down my pictures any further!
  • She weighs 11 lbs 9 oz
  • On April 19th, at 13 weeks, she hit her father's birth weight (10 lbs 11 oz).  His mother is superwoman.  I can't even imagine. 
  • She is quite the giggler - especially for her daddy
  • Wearing 0-3 month clothes
  • In size 1 diapers
  • Is gaining an interest in things other than her parents holding her
  • She spent two weeks being loved on by her RieRie while mommy went back to work.  I'm pretty sure they are both totally smitten with each other.
  • Maddie is gaining interest in toys especially soft things she can pull to her mouth
  • She LOVES to stand
  • She  LOVES playing with her tongue 
  • Maddie now officially has a stay at home mom (CRAZY!)
  • She is sooo expressive.  Her eyebrows say so much.  She never leaves us wondering if she is happy or sad
  • Madeleine has started doing some reaching for things on her tray while sitting in her bumbo (Rie Rie taught her that neat trick!).
  • She sleeps great at night 7-9 hours but only catnaps during the day. 
  • Maddie has started some separation anxiety from mommy.
  • She visited the zoo for the first time (she was up for the gardens, slept through most of the animals, then had a total meltdown and we left!).
  •  She fake coughs.
  • After she sneezes she says Ooooo every single time.  It cracks us up.
  • Met the Easter Bunny with her baby friends then celebrated her first Easter.
  • Talks ALL THE TIME.
  • Continues to make sure that her parents fall more and more in love with her every day.
  • Celebrated our first Mother's Day - Maddie gave Mommy an iphone!  She is so sweet.
I love Rie Rie

 At the Zoo Gardens

 First Mother's Day

 Loves her bunny

 Chattin' with her peeps

 Fish face


  1. She is such a doll! Oddly enough, Leo also ooooh's after every sneeze.

  2. Such a beautiful girl! Paw Paw and Rie Rie love those expressions.