Friday, August 19, 2011

7 months

  Madeleine Marie is 7 months old!!
  • Madeleine weighs 16 1/2 pounds and is in the 44th percentile for weight.
  • She is at least 27 inches long (she didn't cooperate at the doctor!) and 27 inches is in the 74th percentile for height.
  • She is mostly a joyful little goofball.  She LOVES to laugh, sing songs, play patty cake, dance, and be bounced and tossed around.
  • Maddie removes her bibs at will.
  • She loves all fruits and vegetables now...even avocado!  She loves eating mum mums but gets frustrated with her inability to consistently feed herself puffs.  She gets mad and they all end up on the floor.
  • Her naps still stink in my opinion.
  • On a good night she goes to bed between 7 and 8, eats around 4am, then is back asleep until 9ish.  But we have many many nights that she is up a lot more.
  • Madeleine loves LOVES Indy Cat!!!  She gets super excited every time she sees Indy and grabs onto her paws and fur if we don't let Indy escape.  Indy is really dumb though and puts her paws against Maddie's forehead to try and keep her away.  That just makes Indy's feet even more accessible!  She is a sweet cat though (despite how she chooses to act around our extended family) and just puts up with it.
  • The kid talks ALL THE TIME.  She babbles, screams, grunts, squeals, and just blabbers all the time. 
  • She still loves to read.  We've expanded our Karen Katz collection and now read Princess Baby a lot.
  • Maddie has no interest in being mobile.  She still hates being on her tummy.  
  • She loves to pound on stuff now, especially her tummy.
  • Her eyes haven't set in any particular color.  They are a navy blue most of the time.  Her right eye has a little bit of a muddy green to the middle of it.  They photograph black though.  
  • She still loves to stand and she actually will not sit if she doesn't want to.  She locks her legs and you can't physically make her sit on her bottom.
  • Sits up in the bathtub now and likes to play in the water. 
  • Maddie has made it once through church in the nursery without us being paged.
  • She attended her first birthday party
  • Madeleine has a little birth mark on her left knee that has appeared.
  • She is wearing size 2 diapers
  • Maddie is in 6 and 9 month sleepers and is all over the board for other clothes.
  • The kid is totally over her bouncy seat and swing.  She doesn't want to recline anymore.
  • Madeleine found out that she is moving to Texas!!!  I'm pretty sure she said Yee-Haw when we told her.
  • I was going to write that she experienced her first extreme weather event but I realized her first month of life was filled with ice storms and blizzards (it's a total blur to me).  I think we also slept through a small earthquake this spring too (Mark and I have slept through two since moving up here!).  We had a wind shear or a small tornado wreak havoc on our trees on Sunday.  One 20 year old tree even snapped in half!  I guess Maddie needed to experience all of Indiana's weather before she left.
 Standing up in my pretty dress from Pops and CiCi from Greece!

With my baby friends at Kate's 1st Birthday!

 It was really hot so shirts were optional.

 Playing with my farm thing.

Going for the iphone

 Yummy Mum Mum

 Crazy dance party before bed

 Smirking like her daddy

 At church with Daddy

 What a mess

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