Sunday, October 16, 2011

8 months


Our bitty girl is 8 months old!!  I am super slow at updating my blog for everyone (this kid keeps me REALLY busy) but I actually do keep an updated draft of the blog of what Madeleine is up to so I don't forget.  I am really slow at getting the pictures together for it though.  So here ya go.
  • Maddie Rie is chunking out at 19 lbs and is about 28 inches long.  She is way too wiggly to get a truly accurate length.  We'll wait and see what the doctor thinks at next months appointment.  
  • She is wearing 9 month pjs and 6 month clothes mostly.
  • Maddie is in size 3 diapers.
  • Miss Thing has really blossomed and grown up this month.  Madeleine has a HUGE personality.  She is almost always happy and we even have some days where she doesn't cry any at all.  She is loud and outgoing and truly loves life!  Everything is exciting to her.  Seeing a cat on a sign, other children. toys, photos, or animals send her arms and legs moving like crazy.  She is like a marionette doll.  Her legs and arms pop in and out super fast when she gets excited.  She does a grunt/squeal/growl thing and sends her body diving in the direction of whatever she wants you to take her to see.  She does this if she is in your arms, in her stroller, or in a shopping cart.  It is scary at times.  I strap her in to shopping carts twice (using the carts belt and the one attached to her cart cover that I thread through the cart) and hold her hand in an effort to keep her safe.  
  • She is a busy busy little thing.  She is always moving!  ALWAYS!
  • Maddie is now eating meat, has three solid food meals a day, usually one decent sized snack, as well as nursing as much as she wants.  The girl can eat!!
  • Maddie tries to clap. 
  • She rolls around all over the place but no crawling or scooting.  She even sorta kinda doesn't mind being on her tummy for a bit now.  But not too long!
  • Reading is still her favorite activity.  She recognizes the books she likes and keeps glancing over at them if they are in view...especially if you are reading her a book she doesn't particularly care for.
  • She attended her first baseball game.  An Indianapolis Indians game.
  • Madeleine pats you to say no or to try and get you to stop doing something like changing her diaper or wiping her face.
  • She officially became a Texan August 25th.
  • She rides in the shopping cart now instead of being in her car seat.
  • She can identify lights by leaning back and pointing up at them when you ask where they are.
  • Maddie sits in high chairs.
  • The biggest shock to us is that she now loves Bible class and is a trooper in the church nursery.  She has been called the happiest baby they have in there.  It was a total shock to us!  I haven't been paged once.
  • Her anxiety with strangers seems to be gone but still prefers Mommy and Daddy. 
  • Madeleine attended her first Aggie March-In before a football game and of course loved it.  She wasn't scared of any of the noise.
  • The bumbo seat is no longer safe for her to sit in without someone right there with her.
  • Her GiGi (great grandmother) has nicknamed her Shirley Temple since she is so willing to entertain everyone.
  • Had her first runny nose.
  • Since moving, her good sleeping habits have gone out the window.  She is is up ALL the time at night.
  • Naps still aren't great.
  • Madeleine participated in the Baby Dedication at our church in Indianapolis right before we moved.
  • Maddie loves to go to Petsmart to watch the birds and the cats in the adoption center. 
  • She can start her dinosaur bouncing ball toy by herself.
  • She grunts to tell you she wants something.
  • She Loves being thrown and bounced around.  She is a monkey.
  • Can copy "hey" and "hi".
  • LOVES kitty cats and may have even said the word but we aren't totally convinced.
  • She enjoys shuffling around and screaming in the walker. 

 Baby Dedication at East 91st

Indians Game
Last night at Life Group with her buddies.  All the mommas were pregnant together (and one more is on the way in December!)  Man do we miss them!

Belly shot

Sitting in her room before it got packed up.

I thought this was funny.  As I was taking pictures of her room I noticed how many pacifiers we have in her crib.  Whatever it take for more sleep!

 On the plane on the way to Texas!  So excited!

This is my view every time I turn around to look out my back window.  She is just sure I am doing it to look at her!

 A decent look at the actual color of her eyes.
Hanging out at Chicken Oil like that good Aggie she is.

 Watching March In

Sampling RieRie's dirty rice.  I thank she likes it!
 Goofy face

 Wearing Uncle Kyle's hat

Loving GiGi's doll

 "You mean there are more dolls!"  This is a poor shot of her marionette moves.

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