Monday, January 23, 2012

11 months


Madeleine Marie is 11 months old!  This has been a huge month for her motor development.  Here is what she has been up to:

  • Maddie weighs 21 lbs.
  • Maddie sat up from her tummy  November 12th
  • Also on November 12th her PawPaw taught her to say Aggies.  She thinks that it means either tv or football-we aren't sure which.
  • On November 15th pulled up to standing
  • On December 7th she started some serious army crawling and the baby proofing has begun. Our life as we have known it is over!
  • She identifies eyes, santa, snowman, and tree.
  • She attended cousin Elijah's 2nd birthday party.
  • Madeleine helped Daddy celebrate his 30th birthday.
  • Celebrated her first Thanksgiving at her great Uncle Don and Great Aunt Carol's house.  She ate without hesitation!  She then gladly celebrated again at Uncle Jordan and Aunt Becca's house. 
  • Madeleine does a "Chomp Chomp Chomp" like an alligator with her hand.
  • Goes "OooOOooOhhh" like a monkey
  • Maddie says Presley, Boudreaux, Tree, mom, pops, pretty, ho ho ho, bite, drink, and ball
  • Her play has changed to real play with an understanding of cause and effect.
  • She LOVES the dancing hamsters from the Kia commercial.
  • She knows she is funny and will repeat things if we laugh.
  • Maddie Rie gets angry if her food is cut too small and will swipe it around until it flies off her tray.
  • She has become a little more picky when eating but she consistently loves bread, fruit, and peas. 
  • Maddie's house in Indianapolis sold!!!
  • The bitty girls is taking a bottle again!!!  YEA!!!
  • She is soo soo happy and strangers comment all the time on it!  Her nature is to really is to enjoy and delight in everything she is around!
  • Diaper changing is really hard now and we only change her clothes on floor for fear that she will propel herself off her changing table.
  • Madeleine throws little fits in which she thrusts her legs in and out violently!  She is easily distracted out of them but the future is a little scary!  She has quite a will.
  • Maddie had her first sinus infection.  Welcome to fall in Texas baby girl.
  • She has her first baby doll (given to her by her Great Aunt Betty) and gives her kisses and pats her head.
  • She loves to roll a ball back and forth.
 The cousins

Cousin Katie "holding" baby Maddie

 Snuggling in Daddy's old quilt

 Hanging with RieRie

Chillin' with my old man on his birthday
 Christmas clothes!

Trying to get in to Pop's newly "baby-proofed" cabinet.

 45 seconds later.  Success!

 Playing with cousin Mark David at Thanksgiving.

 The Peterson Women

  Helping decorate for Christmas

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