Friday, February 3, 2012

1st Birthday Party


For Maddie's birthday party we went with a rainbow theme!!  She has brought so much joy into our lives that I could see no better way to express it.  Plus when I was starting to think about planning her party we still lived in Indiana (I know I'm a big planner) and I thought January would be filled with lots of white snow like the month she was born.  So I thought rainbows would be needed!  I had a blast planning her party and working on the decorations and food.  I kept seeing the cutest rainbow cakes on pinterest too so I was hooked.  Just a note...pinterest is full of liars so be sure and test out your recipes in advance!  The cakes turned out great but there was much adapting from the first plan!  Thank goodness for my mom and all her help!  We had a great mix of family, old friends, and new friends at her party.  It was wonderful.  We were even able to spend some time outside for a January birthday party!  Only in Texas!  So here is a ton of photos from her big day!

 Maddie's monthly sticker pictures.
 The food and the Maddie shrine can be seen in the background.

 Maddie's smash cake.

 The cakes for the guests.

 Rainbow fruit skewers!!

 Opening presents.  This was the only present she stayed to open.  She wanted to go play with her friends!

 Cousin Katy was a great help opening Maddie's presents.

 Reading with Alisha.

Hugging the lion.  She LOVES fuzzy furry things!

 Getting ready for the cake smashing!  This photo cracks me up!

 Sugar coma

 "I want to hold baby Maddie!"

 I really want to know what lies Uncle Jordan was telling Maddie here!

 The Richard photo that never happened.  You really think all five children were looking forward at the same time?  Thanks Aunt Suzi for your photoshop skills. 

We love you sweet baby girl!

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