Wednesday, January 9, 2013

20 Months

Yes I know I am WAYYYY behind here but I actually have been keeping track of how Maddie is growing and changing.  My blog just doesn't reflect it. 

 (yes she has a giant mosquito bite in the middle of her face...awesome)

 Madeleine Marie is 20 Months Old! (as of Sept '12)  Here's her latest:
  • Maddie Rie has her first molar poking through.  It's her lower left one.  And she has a total of 9.
  • She said her first prayer on 8-25.  It was "Thank you mommy, Thank you dada, thank you.  Ayyyymen!"   She loves to say her prayers and almost always asks if we will say more than one at a time.
  • Maddie's hair is getting pretty long in the front so she is now sporting a super high pony tail.
  • Did a forward summersault on 8-27.  We did NOT teach her that!
  • Madeleine likes to stand on her toes and walk around.  She gets a pretty big kick out of that trick.  But if she isn't walking on her toes and giggling then she is running.  She runs EVERYWHERE.  I'm exhausted just from watching her.
  • She can say no more and is a constant babbling/talking chatterbox.
  • She had to give some blood and the dumb tech lost her vein halfway through her vial and had to do it all over again on the other arm.  A few days later she sat in her high chair, pointed to her elbows, and babbled about it very emphatically for a couple minutes.  She kept saying AHHH AHHHH!  It was hilarious and so sad at the same time.
  • Maddie's Pops (Steve) got onto her for jumping on his couch and she quickly got off the couch and told on him to CiCi (Carol).  What a hoot!
  • She took her first trip to the Children's Museum where she met her cousins - Noah and Katie.  She had a great time and loved driving the fake cars and playing with all the ball toys.  She can hold her own just fine with lots of bigger kids around too.
  • When she sees things in books she really likes (like bunnies and kittens) she cups her hands and moves them toward to the picture in an effort to hold them.  It may be the cutest thing ever.
  • That girl will not copy anything we say...she has to do every thing completely herself

 Holding a puppy for the first time!!  She was in heaven and Domino was so sweet.  Thanks Kirby!

 Madeleine LOVES to watch the mice run around at Petco.  She squeals loud enough for the whole store to notice and most of the employees to come over and see what's so funny.

Playing with flour.  It's seriously awesome cheap fun around here.

 Time out for an airplane.

 The toddler room at the Children's Museum.

 Dance party with the big kids

  Somehow we missed getting a picture with the cousins at the museum.  It's kinda crazy there.

We met up with PawPaw and RieRie at a Cajun place one afternoon and Maddie kept sneaking PawPaw's sweet tea when he wasn't looking.  She LOVED it.

 The safest place to paint.

Cookie face.

 Serious reading at RieRie's.


 Loving on Indy Cat.

Somersault time.

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