Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here are some pictures of Maddie's room. It was formally Mark's room of exercise equipment and computer stuff so it has made quite a transformation in the last couple of months. I LOVE how it turned out!! Pretty much everything is homemade and I had a blast putting it all together for her.

This is the view looking in the door.

Her crib (my mom made all the bedding and curtains!)

Her dresser/diaper area

The rest of these are just some of her pretty stuff!

I made my version of an expensive piece of art I saw online. I used plywood, scrapbook paper, and modpodge. I love how it turned out. The white frame is just painted on the wall to help it pop out against the wall.

This cute shelf thing used to be on my parents back porch with plants in it. It was green. I think it's an old telephone box. Right now it is protecting Maddie's stuffed animals. Indy Cat has been taking them out of the nursery and giving them to Boudreaux. There have been no casualties yet but I don't expect that to last long.

This wreath mobile is another project I copied. I LOVE it. And so does the cat.

This is her Feltman Bros. display (this probably means nothing to you if you aren't from Baytown, Texas)! She won't be coming home in a Feltman dress since it's a tad colder up here than in Houston but she can display her pretties! The top dress was my Mom's coming home outfit. The bottom right was my coming home outfit. And the bottom left is a gift to Maddie from my Mom's sweet cousin Jane. I can't wait to put her in these cuties. Pictures don't do these little outfits justice.

This is another little scrapbook paper display I made. In the very middle frame I will write her birthday, weight, and height.


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE ROOM! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ROOM! And all the cute details! I need to inject part of your brain into mine. Would that be possible?

  2. Jenn, it's amazing! And Mark too since he did paint one of the walls, afterall. Now it's just DAYS before we meet her! Can't wait!

    Love ya!