Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update from Daddy...

Not much time lately to post new details. Maddie might get to go home tomorrow (Sunday). She got to put on some clothes yesterday and try out a blanket to help with her that let us hold her more. However, her bilirubin number went up afterwards so she's back under the light for today. She really misses being held.

We are still in our original room. This hospital has been great about allowing us to stay here (as long as they don't need the room for another mom) until Maddie is out of NICU. That has been a big help for us. If Maddie's bilirubin number goes down tomorrow, there's a great chance that we can take her home tomorrow! She just has a lot of bruising and her body is not quite ready yet to take care of it on its own.

She's the most gorgeous baby we've ever seen and we think she's super awesome!!!

Here are some pictures.


  1. Love the pictures,I am praying for her and hopefully she will be better to go home.....It will take some time for all to heal,but God is good and he will watch and help her....Such a beautiful baby and soooooo special.....Glad Jordan was able to go and be with yall...Family and lots of love always helps....Love yall...bev

  2. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Maddie looks so much better already. Nonkie (Uncle) made it all better? - Connie

  3. PRECIOUS! We love the updates and the pictures. I am proud of the little fighter! Can't wait to see that she is home! :-)

  4. She is beautiful! Love seeing the pictures and getting the updates. Maddie looks better and prettier every day. Praying that you will all be at home as a family as soon as possible. Know that it has helped to have Pops, CiCi, and Jason there. So proud of you and Jenn and the way you are embracing parenthood. Love to all, Harriet