Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 Months

I waited too late and asked too much of Maddie to get these chair pictures.  Not even her favorite book and lovey bunny could make it okay!

  • Madeleine Marie is WILD!!!  I call her my baby tornado.  She is into everything!  Maddie is a busy busy little body.  She has made packing and unpacking a little more difficult.  We moved out of my parents house and into our own home "in the country" this month.  She had to make a big adjustment from living with her fan club to being home alone with mommy all day.  We had some clingy needy couple of weeks but she is doing great now.  So sadly with all that said she has a few less pictures and updates this month (and this post is 3 months late but whatever!) 
  • Maddie weighs 23 lbs (50th percentile), is 31.5 inches long (75th percentile), and her head is the 25th percentile.
  • This month Maddie Rie FINALLY said Mama!  I've taken the backseat to a lot of other words (Alfie....REALLY???!!!) so it's really sweet to hear her say my name now.  She also says baba for ball, "like that", "kitties", and I'm sure other words I'm forgetting.  She talks a lot.
  • Maddie says hi to everyone she sees.  She also does this fun little "wax on" wave when she does.  Everyone has also become a "diddy" (kitty) when she says hi.  "Hi diddy!"
  • Celebrated Easter, went to an awesome Easter Egg hunt put on by a sweet and generous family from church, and had a little Easter party at our house with her baby friends.
  • Now when Madeleine is hungry she crawls over to her high chair and asks to get in.
  • She makes vroom vroom sounds and ck sounds of clock, rock, duck and does lot's of n's
  • Maddie identifies circles, stars, squares, and ovals.
  • She has 4 teeth. 
  • Maddie Rie took her first pictures in the bluebonnets.  I hope that's a tradition we carry on for a long long time!
  • Madeleine does a little unassisted standing.
  • Her favorite book is "I Am a Bunny" by Richard Scarry
  • Maddie took her first bridal portraits...with her Auntie Lauren!

 Helping with the move!

 This girl LOVES beans and rice!

 Playgroup Easter party craft project.

 Group shot attempts

 The most handsome Easter Bunny ever!  Maddie loved him at the beginning of the party but as she got more tired she became TERRIFIED of him!

 Our AWESOME party host and the cutest Bunny Horse I've ever seen!!  Check out those hooves!!

 A bunny tale!!

 Checking out the horse-bunnies with my Daddy and bunny!

 Riding a pony for the first time.  She was sooo serious!

 A choo-choo train and check out the little tables and chairs for the kids.

 Hunting eggs.  We didn't go very far this year!  She actually sat in one place the whole time and we brought the eggs to her.

 Maddie LOVED the confetti eggs!!

Riding in the train.  After the train ride she really started understanding what trains are and gets excited when we see them around town.

 Easter morning with her basket of treats.  We went to early service at church so we had to wake her up (girlfriend likes her beauty rest and doesn't get up before 9 most days) so she is totally out of it here.

Madeleine looks SOOOO grown up to me here.

Easter brunch.  Who needs a fancy Italian lunch when you have edible Easter confetti?

 Helping Uncle Kyle out with his Easter treats.  Only Kyle prefers hot sauce to chocolates.

 Cadbury mini eggs!!!!!

 Loving on GiGi

 Playing with my FAVORITE Great Aunt Betty!  Maddie is seriously nuts about her!

Trying to reprogram Aunt Betty or Uncle David's phones.
And just for fun here is Boudreaux at our house in Indy....

And our new house in Texas.  I think he is feeling at home.

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