Thursday, July 19, 2012

17 Months

Madeleine Marie is 17 months old

  • Wow, this is going to be a slim update.  I'm not sure where this month went.
  • Madeleine is saying bunny, giving tons of high fives, and raising her elephant trunk arm proudly in the air!
  • Maddie Rie "counts" by tapping her forefinger repeatedly on what your are counting with her.
  • On May 11th, Maddie Rie spent her first night away from Mommy while she attended Auntie Lauren's bachelorette party.  She did great but her mommy sure did miss her.
  • Madeleine celebrated Mother's Day with both sets of Grandparents.  And while at church that Sunday she chimed in with a super loud "Amen!" after a prayer that cracked our section of the auditorium up!
  • The following weekend Maddie stayed the night at CiCi and Pop's while her parents attended a concert.  She did great then too and started really started walking that weekend on May 19th.  She looks like a little drunk Frankenstein most of the time.  The more tired Maddie gets the crazier she walks.  We have a narrow hallway upstairs between our bedroom and Maddie's and as it gets closer to bedtime she runs back and forth down it ping ponging against the walls and laughing hysterically.
  • For Memorial weekend, we attended our annual Friend's Reunion at the River where we spent lots of time laughing, eating, and swimming with our friends!  Maddie discovered the greatness of cookies, especially Tea Cakes, this weekend and I'm sure she will never be the same because of it!  Madeleine also fed a horse and donkey and had the best time.  We had to reign her in because she was pretty sure they needed hugs and kisses as well as their oak leaves.
  • We've started going regularly to the pool and it is definitely a different experience than last year.  She LOVED everything to do with water last year but now there is definitely a fear factor involved.  Maddie doesn't like being in her float and prefers to be held the whole time.
 Mother's Day

 mmmmm. Chick fil a!

 Ride Em Cowgirl!



 Bow head.  She asked for all of these.

 Working hard!

 First fat lip.  She had a pretty good crash onto the tile floor.

 Sweet little profile

 Uncle Kyle has the best phone apps ever!!

 They're hilarious!!

 What you don't play in your pjs all day?

 Pool fear

 Jo Ann's cookies make it all better though

 The best group little kid photo I have.  Notice there is a small boy, Hayden, under Maddie.  I think this photo is an improvement over last year's though since no fathers had to be pictured to keep their kiddos in the frame. 

 Baby Frankenstein.  Maddie's walking involves lots of arm moves.

 I love my uncle Kyle!

 What?  Is something on my face?

 We are in trouble...

Working on my sharing skills.


  1. Love every sweet memory!!! CiCi

  2. Love those headbands! And the pic of Michael in his borrowed t-shirt cracked me up! Seems like a long time ago...sure miss you and Madeleine!