Wednesday, July 25, 2012

18 Months

Our Bitty Girl is a YEAR AND A HALF OLD!!  Stop growing up, okay?

  • Madeleine Marie weighs 26 lbs 5 oz (75th percentile), is 33 1/2 in tall (90th percentile), and her head circumference is 46.5 cm (44th percentile).  What a growth spurt!  She is a chubby wubby kid.  She still has little shoulders but she has quite the belly and booty these days.  I think when she wears her footy pjs she looks a little like The Grinch from the side.
  • I feel like Maddie is really growing up this month.  She has started consistently following directions like putting things away and leaving things alone when told no.  She is using her sign language we taught her about food and is using them in other arenas of life.  She is also eating with spoon and working on the fork.
  • Madeleine is a little hunter/gatherer these days.  She is constantly taking objects and putting them in other things.  When I can't find my phone the first place I look is kitchen drawers then in Maddie's play kitchen cabinets.  I never know now if I've lost something or if she has taken it and hidden it.
  • Maddie also added please to her sign language this month.  It's super sad for us when she signs "please" for something we can't give her like another view of a bird out the window or more of some toy that doesn't exist.
  • Maddie loves when we sing songs to her.  As soon as one ends she is asking for more (with her sign language and saying Ni-Ni (again)).  Maddie also has added a teapot handle to her song motions.  We are working on the spout.
  • This smart girl learned how to open the baby gates we had so we had to get an extension for the gate at the bottom of the stairs to make it much tighter and we had to totally scrap the one at the top since she learned how to open it and get a new super stealth one.
  • Madeleine is starting to fear some things in life that she didn't before like the vacuum and thunder.
  • Maddie knows what songs are sung right before she is plopped in her crib and if they are sung when she isn't ready for them you better watch out!
  • This kid is getting really physical and will body slam people, dogs, and pillows, at any given time!  Watch yourself!
  • The bitty girl can now make wolf, snake, and bird sounds and is saying cracker.
  • Maddie started watching some tv this month.  Mommy hasn't felt great so it's kept sanity at times.  She LOVES "Little Bill" and I do too so we watch it every once in a while.  There isn't much else that I've found that doesn't irk me so Little Bill it is.  Just like how Maddie plays and reads book, watching tv is an activity to be done together!  She is definitely not an independent player.
  • Madeleine has 7 teeth and LOVES to brush them!
  • This month we have instituted an eating boot camp to help with her crummy eating habits.  She is offered a variety of foods on her plate (fruit, veggies, protein, carbs, etc) and that is all she is offered at that meal.  If she eats it all, great...but even if she doesn't she has to look at it and be exposed to the stuff she doesn't want (the veggies and meats).  If she throws anything on the floor or fusses the meal is over and she has to get out of her chair.  She can go back to her plate later if she wants but that is all she will be offered until a couple hours later where she is given a snack we know she will eat all of so that it doesn't mess up her sleep.  It was rough for a few days but now she understands the drill and at least accepts it and we have a lot less crying inthe highchair.  She has been trying some new things and is back to eating some old favorites every once in a while that she had rejected (eggs, peas, and carrots).  It is a mystery as to what she will eat each meal, though!  Little Stinker!
  • Maddie has had quite a few big events this month.  She went to Uncle Kyle and Auntie Lauren's wedding and loved getting to celebrate them!  She celebrated Father's Day with her parents and both sets of Grandparents.  It was really special this year to get to be with both our parents on both Mother's Day and Father's Day after 6 years of not being with either family!  She celebrated Mommy and Daddy's 7th Anniversary.  
  • Maddie went to the Houston Aquarium for the first time and loved the white Tiger, was TERRIFIED at Chuckles the Macaw, and preferred the lighter side of the Aquarium Restaurant to the dark side with the giant staring groupers.  She spent 4th of July playing in her kiddie pool at CiCi and Pops.  And finally she rounded out the month with a road trip with Aunt Becca and Cousin Katie to Cousin Mia's 4th Birthday party in Dallas.  She loved getting to play with the big girls and steal their toys and food!
  •  Maddie says Amen EVERY time at the end of prayers then asks to pray again.
  •  And my iphone ate my notes so hopefully I got everything.

 The little furniture mover.  Mark's parents have lots of memories of telling him to "put down the coffee table!" as a toddler.  So I guess this is like father, like daughter.

 My little mamacita shaking her maraca at the rehearsal dinner.  PawPaw and RieRie were awesome and came down for the wedding weekend to help with Maddie so that she could be a part of the events and her parents could enjoy it!

With cousin Evie.  I wish I had a better picture of them.  Paula, did you get one?  Maddie LOVES Evie.  Since meeting Evie she has freaked out with joy in seeing all the photos of her at GiGi's house. 

I LLLOOOVVVEEE this picture.  If you look closely you will see PawPaw playing with dollhouse too.



 Where Maddie really was during the wedding ceremony...the cry room.

The only family Father's Day photo we managed.  We were a little tired from the wedding the previous night!

 Father's Day 2012.  Teething.  Up way past her bedtime watching Little Bill with Daddy.

7 Year Anniversary Picture.  Sorry kid.  You're stuck with us.

  Eating boot camp.  Complete with princess plate.

I love yogurt!!

Yes, we have spent a lot of time in the high chair this month working on our new habits!

 The scary dark part of the aquarium restaurant.


Hi Diddy! (that's how she says kitty)

 July 4th Pool Party

 Cousin Mia's party.  Maddie just got separated from the big girls before this photo because she was trying to steal their food and chairs!

Sweet profile.  "I don't have time for a photo guys.  I have Mia's new toys to break in for her."

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  1. I enjoy reading these! She is getting so big. Hope the eating boot camp went well!!