Wednesday, February 20, 2013

22 Months

Maddie Girl is 22 months old!

Maddie is saying some hilarious new stuff this month.
    • "Go go go I mean it!!"
    • "Want to Ahhhhhh" is I want to brush my teeth.  She also says "rinse" and has to do so at least 3 times with every toothbrush.
    • She counts 6 6 6 6 
    • Says "yabadaba doo!"
    • She has renamed Pops "Bop"
    • Whenever she says RieRie she does so in the highest pitch possible!
    •  Maddie screams "Up! Up!" whenever she wants you to hold her.
    • She also now says "trash" and wants to put anything in the trash can that might possibly be trash.
    • Maddie says "shoes" and "juice" through her nose.  It sounds like she's speaking Yiddish.
  •  Madeleine is pretending to care for her babies and bunnies without prompting
  • She blows on all of her food even if it doesn't need it
  • She wipes her mouth with a napkin
  • The kid categorizes EVERYONE.  She is constantly yelling out "Mama, Baby, or Dada."  Teenage boy are completely unimpressed when she labels them "DADA" as they bag our groceries.
  • Maddie has started singing and sings "lalala" with her Minnie Mouse that sings Deck the Hall.  She also sings some of the ABCs.
  • Maddie tells EVERYONE hi and will not be ignored.
  • Maddie can say "socks, shoes, and hat" and loves talking about anyone wearing them.
  • She tells everyone and everything night night when it looks like their eyes have closed.
  • She is definitely into the "No" Stage.  She says "no" when she means yes and even says no as she is counting.
  • Maddie was the cutest chick you've ever seen for Halloween.  She did awesome too.  She did not let go of her bucket and made sure that she got at least three pieces of candy with every grab.  She also has requested that she wear her chick costume around the house.  While attending church's "Trunk or Treat" lots of little kids called her a duck or Big Bird.  She just looked at them and continued with her candy domination run.

This is at the Children's Museum.  A little while after this Maddie was playing with another toy and a little boy got in the car.  Maddie ran screaming "No!No!NO!" and forcibly removed the little boy from the car by his overalls.  We left shortly after that.

Pumpkin Patch with the cousins.

 Ready for Trunk or Treat!

 This is our best family shot

 Max, I don't have time to chat...

 Bounce house!!

 Wearing down.

Stealing my buddy Hannah's candy.  Shortly after this she was physically removed from Trunk or Treat by her father while she screamed and cried for more!  It was just too much fun for an almost two year old!  And she really did well on the candy front.  Her parents were quite happy with the haul.

Petting Zoo at the nursery.  She had a blast!  She pushed a donkey out of her way to get to the bunny and moved around the bigger kids to get to where she wanted to be.  She cracks me up!

 Pumpkin decorating at the nursery.  She is so big!

Cuddling my chicky babe.  She wears this all the time!  (sorry about my weird arm.  I gave blood).

 Play group at our house.

 Group photo attempt.  These are getting harder and harder to do.

The last photo!

 Trick or Treating with my best buddy Hannah.  I'm pretty sure Maddie just stole some of Hannah's candy again.  Hannah was a great sport though because she only wanted suckers!

Our sweet neighbors.   They are expecting twins this summer!

Her treat after trick or treating.  Not only did she get to trick or treat with her buddy Hannah she also had her CiCi, Bop, Uncle Kyle, and Aunt Lauren come with her.  What a lucky little girl!

 At the Zoo

Hannah and Maddie posing with the elephant.  Maddie is doing her elephant trunk arm.

 She LOVES puff balls!

 What happens if I talk on the phone more than 2 minutes and Maddie is awake.

 She also loves to play with beans.

Licking the beater.

 She had to wear her chick costume to GiGi's house. 

Reading with cousin Mark and Aunt Betty

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  1. Love the pictures! So fun to see playgroup too :) I was reading through this post thinking..."Maddie's only 22 months? Wait, how could that be...? Let's see she turned one, let me think..." Haha...I am a little slow on the up-take :) Glad to see you are getting "caught up".