Saturday, August 3, 2013

23 Months Old

Madeleine is 23 months old!

Two year old attitude coming early!

Here is what she is up to:

  • As usual this kid talks talks talk all the time.  Lately she's been saying "I run, I walk, I wash, so hot so hot, yucky, hop hop BIG hop!, dig, achoo!, shoes, socks, hat, milk."  Really just talks non stop.  I can't keep up with what all she says.
  • Maddie is getting very concerned with her "stuff" and when she wants something someone else has she yells "SHARE!!!!"  Except, it sounds like a different word that starts with SH and ends with a T.  That's kinda embarrassing at the library or church so we are her constant translators in an attempt to not allow people to think she has a dirty mouth. 
  • She gets her pronouns correct 99% of the time.  It's pretty weird.  
  • Madeleine speaks mostly in full sentences.
  • She is very polite and says thanks with out prompting.  When she tells daddy thanks she always says "thanks my daddy."  She never adds the "my" to anyone else.  It cracks us up.
  • Maddie counts 6, 9, 8
  • She sings the ABC's but it's mostly "BCBCs"
  • Maddie still categorizes everyone she can into mommy, daddy, or baby.
  • She loves to sing the wheels on the bus and has recently decided that kitty cats ride the bus so they've been added in.
  • We've been working on being gentle and not hitting and kicking and she is constantly telling us "We don't hit/kick mommy, daddy, CiCi, GiGi or bubba (the dog)."  The girl definitely processes her life outloud.
  • Maddie had her first bloody nose and her first UTI this month.  Poor kiddo.  The UTI made her MISERABLE.
  • Madeleine has been showing her will with nap and bedtime but we are working through it and crossing our fingers it's just a phase.
  • She gives smoochy sounding kisses
  • Maddie so concerned about bubba (our dog Boudreaux that she's renamed) and the poor guy never gets a break from her unless we put him in his crate. 
  • Maddie is a constant little jumping moving monkey.  She only stops if she is asleep. 
  • She refers to herself as baby.
  • Hide the keys!  This girl wants to drive.  If she is given the chance she is jumping into the driver's seat of the car and trying to drive.  It's a good thing we don't have fancy keyless cars.  
  • For Thanksgiving we spent a few days in Galveston at a beach house with my family.  It was a great vacation and Maddie had a blast.  She was hesitant at first and never really loved the waves but warmed up quickly to playing in the sand, going on wagon rides, and feeding the birds.  
  • Thanksgiving II was spent with Mark's family.  As always it was fun and loud with lots of little cousins to play with.

 Mexican restaurants with ice cream are the best!

McDonald's has the best little toddler play area near our house and it's almost always empty.  We love going there to get breakfast and play on a rainy morning.

Playing with my best buddy Hannah in her awesome play area under the stairs.  Thanks for smiling Hannah!

Fun at Nicolaas and Sydney's birthday party.

Stickers with Hannah.

 First time seeing the beach.  She's not so sure about this.  My face is trying to be encouraging but is probably just scary.

 Morning drive.

 Hanging out on The Strand.

 She LOVED digging for tiny clams and watching them bury themselves further in the sand.

Maddie took everything in her vicinity and put it on Uncle Kyle.  Right after this picture she also tried to pour a glass of water on him too.  She LOVES him and he is so good to her.

 Making Turkey cookies with the girls.

 Maddie didn't care about decorating...just eating.

 I'm ready to go now!

 "Hey Birds!  I brought you toast!!!"

 Maddie, Bop, and Granny

 Crazy Cousin table.  Maddie wouldn't leave everyone's food alone so she got sent to the high chair with the adults.  She is a food and sippy cup thief.


We love this girl so much!!

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