Sunday, August 4, 2013

24 Months

Madeleine is 24 months old.  Otherwise known as 2 years old.  How did this happen?

Here is what Maddie has been up to in the last month
  • As always Maddie girl is talking talking talking.  There is not a shy bone in her body so the whole world knows what she is thinking at all times.  She can say anything she chooses but her current favorite phrases are "I play that, I'm back, I see it!  I see it!  Enough.  Oh wow!  See you later (said in the cutest sing songy voice), noke (milk), bickey (mickey), minnie, up, cheese"
  • At Maddie's two year doctor appointment the nurse said "wow Maddie!  You have grown so tall!  I bet you are the height of a 3 year old!"  And she is the size of a 3 year old at 36 inches tall (95th percentile) and 29lbs (90th percentile).  Her head is the 50th percentile circumference.
  • She can fill the ABCs correctly when prompted.
  • She enjoys hopping like a frog, bunny, or kangaroo and there is a difference in how she jumps for each animal.
  • Maddie Rie
  •  loves my mom's cats Pres (Presley) and Alfoo (Alfie).  She constantly talks about them and loves to go to her house and feed them.  I think she knows she says Alfie's name funny because she gets the giggles when she repeats Alfoo a bunch. 
  • Maddie loves nursery rhymes and would read and sing them all day long. 
  • Madeleine is working on her patience at meal times.  She is learning to stay at the table when she is done eating and allowing others to finish their meals.  Some days are better than others and typically dinner is the hardest but at least she can't undo the straps on her booster seat yet.
  • This girl can do the drama face.  She always has been able to bring the dramatics but it seems even easier to do these days.  Maddie can get an answer she doesn't want and that lip immediately pops out, she slumps her shoulders, and bows her head to pout.  She has the mannerisms of a Shakespearean stage actor.  It's all so exaggerated and there are a lot of outrageous hand gestures. We honestly don't know where it all came from! 
  • She is also a very empathetic kid and hates to here babies cry anywhere.  She worries sooo much about them and says "That baby is crying!  He needs to be happy!"  We have to reassure her that the other baby's mommy will take care of him so she doesn't need to worry or we can't move on with life.  She is also responds the same when the dogs next door cry.
  • Maddie loves to watch the Little Einsteins.  She talks about the main characters and refers to them as her friends.  It's amazing how much she has learned from the show too.  The kid can tell the difference between a cello and a violin both by looking at them and hearing them. She can do this with multiple instruments.  She is also very participatory when she watches tv.  If they ask a question she answers.  If they ask to clap or pat she is all over it.  She does not zone out when she watches. 
  • Maddie knows her basic colors - red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, black, and brown.  Black and brown are sometimes confused though.
  • She requests specific songs for going to sleep and singing in the car.  It's pretty common for her to request a song that doesn't exist at bed time like "let's sing about foxes and Abby!" or "lets sing about bats flying at night."  Every once in a while we luck out and and she will ask to sing about something familiar like Rock and Roll or Frogs and we know a song that fits but most of the time we just wing it.  Maddie doesn't seem to care about song quality as long as the subject is what she wants.
  • Madeleine requests specific people or pets to be drawn when we paint or color together.
  • She has added specific people in her life to added to the Wheels on the Bus - Noah, Katie, Aunt Becca, Presley.
  • This month Maddie has been retelling events that happen in her life even more.  For example, Boudreaux took a cookie out of her hand and she retold the story of how "Bubba ate baby's cookie" for weeks.  She added to it as she went on too.  "No no Bubba!  Not yours.  It's baby's cookie!  Dog's eat dog food not cookies.  Etc"
  • Maddie loves Christmas lights, wreaths, and elves but is not so sure about Santa.
  • When we went on our first official Christmas light trip she named everything she saw, gasped and awed the whole time.  She had the best time and didn't touch the Christmas treats we packed for her until we pulled back in our driveway.  She is so much fun!

 McDonald's with Hannah

 Fun with Avery and Cameron.

 Fun with Brooklyn

First time getting Do-Nuts and maybe the first time to eat any.

 Miss Independent decided she wanted to sit at her own table.
 Christmas arts and crafts!

 Her hair is sooo straight without the usual humidity.
 Decorating her Christmas tree.

 I love these cheeks!

 If anyone wondered if I was one of those mom's that would force their child to see Santa here is your answer.  Santa and his elves were awesome.  They had a plan for screaming toddlers and even had a piece of tape on the floor to show how far out of the scene parents needed to run for the camera.  I love it!

 Christmas Eve presents from mommy and daddy.

We gave her the second Gruffalo book and stuffed mouse.  She recognized the characters and was so excited!

 "I love this ball toy!"

 Santa came!

 Here Christmas morning pictures aren't great but we were able to get a wonderful video of her reaction.  She is so much fun!

 Working on her Christmas apron that matches her cousins.  She loves to paint but only with a brush.  Finger painting grosses her out.

Cotton Bowl party with the Manleys.  This was a fun season to be an Aggie.

Maddie climbed to the top of the Chic Fil A playground for the first time this month.

 Making birthday cookies!

 Daddy brought home balloons!

 Putting together birthday presents!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  We love you sooooo much and can't imagine these last two years without you.

(blogger is unhappy with how many pictures I have so I will add family Christmas pictures to another post)


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